Why would anyone lie to the doctor?

I know we are not supposed to lie to the doctor but we all do. Let’s hear these stories about why and how people lied to the doctor.

I lie to the doctor when he asks me if I take my medicines regularly.

You see, my memory is not as good as it used to me. With aging, you tend to forget things. I am very lucky that I am still able to live in and keep my home at this age. My husband passed away few years ago and this house is where I have all my wonderful memories with him. I do not want anyone to take me away from this house at any cost. I admit I am getting forgetful sometimes but I know my way around in my house. You know hmemory problemow these doctors and nurses are. They are always worried about my safety. But I worry about having to leave this house more than anything else in this world. I would rather leave this world first before leaving the house. If they know I have started to lose track of time, they will put me in a nursing home. That’s why I have to lie to the doctor, I make up stories about what I did the other day just to let the doctor know that I still get around pretty well and still have a good memory.

-A patient with early dementia reluctant to go to nursing home

I lie to the doctor when he asks me about how much alcohol I drink.

"I tell him just 1 or 2 beers now and then. I actually drink more than a six pack everyday and have been doing that for years. I even finish two six-packs on the weekends. You see, I cannot tell that to the doctor nursebecause I work as a Nurse in the same hospital where this doctor works. I cannot take the risks of losing my job. If anyone else in the hospital knows about my drinking problem, my job will be at risk. I know I need help with my drinking problem but my job is too important for me to tell the truth."

A nurse with a drinking problem

I lie to the doctor every time she asks me about the cuts and bruises on my arm.

"I love my husband. I cannot live without him. He is a very nice person inside. He just has some anger issues. It just gets a little out of hand when he is drunk. Even then, he has not harmed me that much, justdepressed wife some pushing and slapping now and then. I can live with that. He always asks for forgiveness the next morning. I always forgive him. He has a good soul. I have been telling the doctor that I love gardening and these cuts and bruises are from working around the bushes a lot. I can see it in the doctor’s eyes that he does not always believe me and starts asking question about my husband and I have to tell more lies.”

A wife in an abusive relationship

I lie to the doctor when he asks me if I have used any drugs recently.

See, I am addicted to cocaine and am struggling to have a normal life. Well, I was living my American Dream. I had a lovely house, two children and Emily-the love of my life. I really believed that I was the luckiest person in the world. I made good money. The Internet business I had established was booming.depressed dad The software I had developed was selling by the thousands every month. My bank account was swelling and I had everything to live for. All that changed when Emily was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I cannot forget the painful 9 months she had wasted trying to fight that cancer. She was a real fighter. She took all those surgeries, chemo, radiation and all the hospitalizations for infection and bleeding. It really broke my heart to see her loose the battle. It has been six months since she passed away. I still see the pain and suffering she had in her final few weeks of life. Well, I am still trying to run the company now without her. I have to work for the kid’s shake. But I am having a lot of trouble adjusting to this new reality. I just hooked up with some of my college friends that were in a rock band. I started snorting cocaine with them. I do not know how I started it. I hated drugs all my life. Now I am trying to run a business during the day and hang out with my buddies snorting cocaine in the evening. Our nanny and the kids think I am working extra hours for the kids. Now, when the doctor asks me about any recent drug use, what am I supposed to say? Of course, I lie to my doctor.”

A widowed father with cocaine addiction